SUCEDE enables individuals, corporations, foundations and other donors to invest in innovative and result-oriented social projects that can bring long-term solutions for disadvantaged communities in South America, as well as, accountability for donor’s social investment.

We make possible philanthropic giving overseas in an effective and accountable way. As a tax exempt (501(c)(3)), US based, not-for-profit organization, we build bridges between donors in the U.S. and a network of creditable social entrepreneurs in South America.
Our grant-making experience in Latin America together with our relationship with grantees, allow us to ensure your funds address critical needs, arrive safely to the destination, are efficiently managed and make a greater impact.



Our portfolio includes a wide range of worthy projects in a variety of countries and areas such as education, health, environment, gender, human and citizen rights and community development. We consider these projects as social investment opportunities, because they generate returns in terms of social and environmental dividends, propelling a more equitable and sustainable society.